Sweet and Savory Easy Jam Recipes

When you have oodles of tomatoes coming in every day, I had to do something with them besides sauce. There is only so much sauce I can use throughout the year. So, I tried 2 recipes, one for heirloom tomatoes, mostly red, and the other for yellow grape tomatoes which had a banner year in my garden.

Use any variety of tomato for this jam
Use any variety of tomato for this jam – the riper, the better
Tomato jam on a slab of bread
Tomato jam on a slab of bread

Yes, yes, I know tomatoes and jam is an oxymoron, but when I spotted a  recipe for tomato jam that included chocolate, I was hooked. After all, I had tasted and enjoyed tomato sorbet which is another sweet treatment for my favorite garden edible, so I was willing to give jam a try.  To clinch the matter, the recipe called for 5 pounds of tomatoes which would put a dent in my accumulated stores on my kitchen counter.

Rainbow of heirlooms
Berkeley Tomato

The recipe that I found called for Black Brandywine tomatoes.  I did not grow that variety this year, so just used the various varieties that I had on hand.

The process of making tomato jam
The process of making tomato jam

An immersion blender is the easiest and fastest way to create a smooth consistency before you start to cook them in a Dutch oven on the stovetop.  And it saves considerably on cleanup.  If you don’t have one, you could easily use a blender or food processor, but put an immersion blender on your Christmas list as it will make your cooking life sooo much easier.

The Recipe for Red Tomato Jam



After roasting, use an immersion blender to make it smooth
I didn’t have a block of bittersweet chocolate so threw in some chocolate chips
I made enough to fill 2 pint jars

I used my jam on freshly fried corn fritters and it was delicious! I want to try a big dollop on a brie wheel for the ultimate appetizer.

Tomato jam on corn fritters
Tomato jam on corn fritters

The Recipe for Yellow Tomato and Basil Jam

I also had a bumper crop of Blue BumbleBee tomatoes this year.  Here is the description from Baker Creek Seeds: “Superior breeding efforts have resulted in one of the most delectable and color-saturated tomatoes we have seen! Plants produce bunches of 2-inch globes, round and brilliant blue, maturing to a golden yellow with blue shoulders. This newer variety was introduced by J and L Gardens and is a cross between the famously sugary Amy’s Sugar Gem and the antioxidant-rich OSU Blue tomato. It is perfect to snack on or for salads and should be a centerpiece for market displays!

Blue Bumblebee Tomatoes

A centerpiece indeed! This was quite a beautiful one and I could see placing a bowl of them freshly picked as decoration for your table.

I was literally picking baskets of Blue Bumblebees every few days. They are delicious raw in salads and other dishes, but I had too many to eat. So, I found this jam recipe and made 3 batches to last through the winter. They are incredibly easy to pick as an entire truss of the tomatoes would ripen at once, and I simply sliced off the entire bunch.

Pickings from 1 day in the garden

Tomato jam can be used in all kinds of recipes. My favorite is as a topping for fish such as baked salmon or tilapia.

Adding sugar to my tomato jam on the stovetop
Yellow tomato jam


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  1. Claire, I also had a bumper crop of tomatoes and peppers this year and we have made two batches of our famous (at least with our family) salsa which is slightly sweet and chunky with just a hint of heat. Peace and blessings, Dotsi

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