Garden Coaching

Garden Coaching for Maryland Gardeners 

  • Are you confused about what to plant where?
  • Or have deer eaten everything on your property?
  • Maybe you want more color and texture  (and excitement!) in your landscape?
  • Or, maybe you moved into a new house and don’t know how to maintain the landscape?
  • And you just need help with picking out the right plants?

Let me help you!

Here’s how it all works:

I will visit your garden and discuss your likes  and dislikes, and ask you lots of questions, like “Do you entertain a lot?”, or “Do you have pets?”. We will tour your garden and I will listen to all your concerns and priorities, take notes (you don’t have to!) and come up with lots of suggestions on hardscapes, plants, and drainage solutions.  I follow up with a written proposal with listed plants and garden related improvements that I suggest and images of them all for you to refer to. Sometimes if it is simple, I can come up with a simple hand drawn proposal. If it is a big project, I can take measurements and do a scaled drawing in my office at home. Most importantly, I can suggest where to buy your plants and supplies.

At that point, you decide if you want to do the work yourself, or I can have my contractors complete the work.

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