Cut Flower Recommendations

Handout-Cut Flower & Veggie Recommendations

Download the PDF above for all my recommendations for a cut flower garden. The information is reprinted below.


Cut Flower Recommendations (In Order by Season)


  • Plant bulbs in fall
  • Cut or pull it at the “gooseneck state” when it is showing color and the neck is bent
  • Can be placed with other flower but need to change water to avoid daffodil ‘slime’


  • Plant in November as an annual
  • Pull up the bulbs so you have a longer stem for arranging and cut where the stem meets the bulb
  • Can be planted in soil-filled milk crates outside over winter

Corn Flower

  • Mostly blue, but whites, pinks, and dark almost black
  • Direct seed in fall or early spring; will reseed
  • Fizzles in heat, cut down once seeds form and it will reseed
  • Cut at the base of plant for arranging


  • Fall or spring planted; transplants recommended
  • In spring, start the seeds indoors in March to plant out in April; seeds slow to germinate
  • Cut stem at base of plant, right above branching stem just as a couple of bottom flowers have started to open
  • Long lasting cut in arrangements

Nigella (Love in a Mist)

  • Direct seed in late winter, or early spring
  • Flowers in May and June, flowers aren’t long-lasting
  • Grown for the seed pods and feathery foliage
  • Yank up entire plants when seed pods start to form and place in a vase or hang up to dry
  • Reseeds easily


  • Plant in Fall from tubers; soak first before planting
  • Plant in soil filled crates and place outside under plastic tunnels or in a cold greenhouse
  • Grows all winter, just be sure they don’t freeze
  • Blooms in early spring, cut at base for arranging
  • Long vase life of a week

Bells of Ireland

  • Direct seed in fall or late winter; seeds needs to be stratified with cold; I plant these in old milk jugs that make mini-greenhouses in mid-February
  • Flowers in May and June and has wonderful foliage
  • Long vase life and can be dried
  • Needs support
  • Cut at the base of the stems; reseeds


  • Direct seed in late winter or fall
  • Needs support
  • Long lasting in vase and dries well
  • Doesn’t like heat and excellent reseeder

Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica)

  • Perennial that can be planted in early spring
  • Sends up foliage in early April followed by trusses of blue bell-like flowers
  • Cut at the base of the stem and use to drape over the edge of a container
  • Disappears when warm weather hits and you can plant annuals it its place

Feverfew (Matricaria)

  • Direct seed or transplant in fall or early spring
  • No support needed
  • Flowers in June, and fades with heat
  • Long lasting in vase
  • Cut when flowers are developed and open at the base
  • Great filler like baby’s breath but better 


  • Annual or perennial
  • Direct seed or transplant in fall
  • Flowers in June
  • Long lasting in vase
  • Cut at low branching stem when flowers are almost open
  • Great filler
  • Varieties suggested: Colorado Mix, Colorado Sunset


  • Direct seed or use transplants in spring
  • Flowers June until frost
  • Long lasting in vase of week+
  • Cut at base just as petals start to open
  • Suggested Varieties: ‘Indian Summer’, ‘Cherry Brandy’, ‘Cherokee Sunset’


  • Direct seed or use transplants in early spring
  • Support netting helpful and will flower June until frost
  • Long lasting in vase and dries nicely by hanging upside-down in cool dark space
  • Cut at base as soon as the yellow centers appear; flowers last for weeks in a vase

Nasturtiums (Vining and bush)

  • Direct seed outside 2 weeks before last frost or in peat pots a month before last frost
  • Scarify and soak seeds, needs dark to germinate in 7-10 days
  • Cut low at a branch to remove several stems of flowers
  • To remove for edible blossoms, cut at base of flowers
  • Trellis taller varieties

Hot Peppers (Mirasol)

  • Sow inside 6-8 weeks before last frost
  • Transplant outside when weather is warm
  • This pepper turns red very fast and the peppers are held up and outwards, so they make great cuts in arrangements
  • Cut an entire branch of peppers off and insert in flower arrangements; dries nicely

Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum ‘Tulsi’)

  • Native to Southeast Asia, this leafy basil is not like the usual culinary basil
  • Start in early spring indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost and set outside when warm; the warmer the better
  • This basil grows into a shrubby mound and spikes long racemes of violet flowers; the entire plant is extremely fragrant
  • Cut branches off the base of the plant for arranging

Sweet Million Cherry Tomato

  • Start early 6-8 weeks in spring
  • Set out when warm outside
  • Train on trellis or cow fence support, tying in branches when needed
  • Harvest large trusses of tomatoes when just starting to turn red and use in arranging to drape over the container


  • Direct seed or use small transplants; watch for rabbits! Lay out prickly holly foliage to deter them
  • Single stem varieties should be planted every two weeks to have a constant supply
  • Use support!! These can get tall and heavy. I use large heavy stakes or rebar
  • Flowers start in June and continue until frost
  • Cut when the petals start to unfurl from central disk for longest vase life
  • Suggested single stem varieties: Procut series, Sun-Fill, Sunrich, Sunbright
  • Suggested branching varieties: Lemonade, Moulin Rouge, Italian White, Strawberry Blonde


  • Direct seed or transplant after frost
  • Flowers all summer until frost
  • Cut when flowers are open and the more cuts made, the more it flowers
  • Provide support
  • Long lasting in vase
  • Suggested varieties: Oklahoma, Queen Lime, Senora and Cactus Flowers, Benary’s Giant


  • Direct seed or use transplants after frost
  • Cut often for more blooms
  • Provide support and pinch when a foot tall
  • Cut for both foliage and flowers
  • Cut just as the buds swell at base of plant
  • Delicate stems can be brittle and fragile; handle with care


  • Direct seed or transplant after frost
  • Crested and feather types are great cuts
  • Heat lovers -needs full sun
  • Cut when heads are fully developed but before seeds form
  • Long vase life and dries beautifully


  • Direct seed or transplant after frost
  • Great filler (tall varieties)
  • Heat lovers, will flower until frost and can take some cold
  • Cut at the base where the plant branches
  • Suggested varieties: Blue Planet, Blue Horizon

Clary Sage (Salvia hormium)

  • Start seeds inside 8 weeks before last frost
  • Or plant transplants out 1 week before last frost
  • Start harvest when at least 8 inches high and cut the flower stalks when at least ¾ of the flowers are open
  • Dries beautifully and lasts long in a vase


  • Grown from tubers
  • Start in warm soil in full sun and don’t water until the plant sprouts
  • Pinch in July to force branching
  • Provide support – tomato cages, heavy cattle fence, or rebar
  • Cut when the flower starts to open
  • Ball varieties have the longest vase life
  • Dig up tubers in late fall and store in dark cool space for next spring


  • Grow from transplants and set out when danger of frost is over
  • Needs full sun and support
  • Pick when the flowers just start to open
  • Long vase life of a week+

Milkweed or Balloon Plant, aka Hairy Balls (Gymnocarpus physocarpus)

  • Start 6-8 weeks before last frost date
  • Set out when warm and pinch the stalk to encourage side shoots
  • Blooms for a long time in late summer and the large pods start to form soon afterwards
  • Pick the pods when fully mature (bronzing will appear on the pods)
  • Sear the ends with a propane torch or lighter to stem the white sap
  • Long lasting in arrangements and save the seed for next year

Globe Amaranth

  • Start from seed when warm or plant out transplants
  • Likes heat and full sun
  • Needs support
  • Cut at the base of the branching flower
  • Long vase life and dries beautifully
  • Suggested varieties are ‘Fireworks’, ‘Bicolor Rose’, ‘Carmine’

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