Delaware Botanic Garden in Bloom During COVID

On a breezy, refreshingly warm, not hot day, I visited the Delaware Botanic Gardens to see see how things have developed in a year of many happenings, most importantly the impact of COVID. Like most other public gardens, DBG has been closed to the public all season and as a young, still expanding public garden, …

Bee Counted

  Drum roll please!........It is National Pollinator Week starting today and you need to start counting those bees. Go to my post Pollinator Week to see the drill, but it is real simple. Name the flower, and then do a quick count, say five minutes each flower of any pollinators that visit. Bees are of course the …

Monarch Way Station

Why are monarch butterflies declining? There are lots of reasons, but the main one is loss of habitat of the common milkweed plant that used to grow everywhere. Learn how to set up your own Monarch Waystation habitat to help stem the decline of these beautiful and valuable butterflies.

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