Centerpiece Ideas for Thanksgiving


Pumpkin centerpiece
Pumpkin centerpiece

I have lots of pumpkins rattling around the house from Halloween decorating and wanted to repurpose one for the Thanksgiving table. Check out my post on Pumpkin Eye Candy to see how many amazing pumpkin heirlooms there are available in the local markets.

Jarrahdale Pumpkin
Jarrahdale Pumpkin


 I love the grey green color of the heirloom pumpkin Jarrahdale, but didn’t want to cut into it, so I built the flower arrangement on top. Jarrahdale is also a wide low pumpkin that is a great centerpiece height.


Pumpkin with oasis
Pumpkin with oasis

Jarrahdale pumpkins have a nice concave top and it was easy to cut my wet oasis, cover it with chicken wire, and nestle it into the top of the pumpkin. The chicken wire keeps the oasis from breaking up from too many large stems being inserted. Stick a few picks into the oasis pinning it to the pumpkin so the oasis doesn’t slide around.


  • 1 Jarrahdale Pumpkin

  • Oasis with chicken wire and 2 picks

  • Eucalyptus pods and green seeded Eucalyptus

  • Yellow Pom Poms

  • Green Spider Mums

  • Blackberry Lily Seed Heads

  • Hypericum Berries

  • Nandina Berries

Pumpkin with seeded Eucalyptus and yellow pom poms
Pumpkin with seeded Eucalyptus and yellow pom poms

Start greening your oasis with short stems of foliage of eucalyptus. Here I used seeded eucalyptus and add some color with yellow pom poms. I picked these up at a local florist. But you could use cut greens from your yard and berries from the fields to cut your costs.

Pumpkin centerpieceContinue adding the yellow pom poms, hypericum berries or any other red berry, blackberry lily seed heads, and Eucalyptus pods. Top off with your larger flowers- the green spider mums, and spritz the botanicals to fully hydrate everything so it keeps until Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Centerpiece Keep the pumpkin in a cool dark place until ready to use and Give Thanks!!

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For decorating pumpkins with succulents, go to Pumpkin Treats-Decorating with Succulents.

"One Too Many" pumpkin variety has a white background and stippled veins
“One Too Many” pumpkin variety has a white background and stippled veins

For a Christmas pumpkin, go to Decorated Pumpkins with Berries, Pods, and Drieds.pumpkin with decorations

Centerpiece for Christmas

Thanksgiving Arrangement
Another Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Creating a Thanksgiving Wreath Centerpiece

Seasonal Flowers


There is nothing better than creating a colorful and beautifully textured table-top wreath from your own garden! It is surprisingly easy and inexpensive. All you need to assemble it is an 8 inch oasis ring, good sharp clippers, and green florist picks.

The natural materials can be gathered from your garden or a friendly neighbor’s, augmented with fresh vegetables from the super market. Embellish the natural green wreath base with cut flowers from a florist. The wreath will keep for weeks with regular misting or soaking of the oasis ring and greens. As a final step, elevate the wreath and add a hurricane globe and candles.

Once Thanksgiving is over, set the wreath in a cool place, not freezing, and bring it back in at Christmas and add seasonal naturals  such as roses, pomegranates, and red carnations. Even a small birds nest or snowmen would add a nice touch!

Hydrangeas in Wreath

Step 1  Soak Oasis

Soaking Oasis

Place oasis ring in warm water and soak for 30 minutes until heavy.

Step 2  Add Hanger

Wired Chenille Hanger

Take a chenille strip and wrap it around the wreath base with a loop for hanging. You only need to do this step if you plan on hanging it.

Step 3  Set Things Out

After removing the oasis wreath and draining any excess water, place the wreath on a flat surface and lay out your materials. Have ready clippers, evergreen materials, fresh flowers, vegetables and picks. All your veggies can be ‘picked in’  with green sticks from the florist or just use sharp twigs broken off of your evergreens.


Here is a list of suggested materials. Just explore your yard or the woods and you can find many others to make it more interesting.


Set Out Everything
Cherry Laurel
False Cypress
Oakleaf Hydrangea


Brussel Sprouts
Lady Apples
Small Pumpkins

 Berries and Flowers

Veggies and Berries
Veggies, Pods, and Berries
Gerber Daisys
Beauty Berry
Wax Flower
Grapvine tendrils
Lotus Pods
Pine Cones
Pepper Berries
Tapers in Wreath Base

Step 4  Start Greening Oasis

Place your oasis on a large plate so that the water doesn’t leak all over your table. Start taking small pieces of evergreens and sticking them into the oasis, starting on the outside edges and moving towards the center, covering most of the ring.  You don’t have to completely cover the oasis as you will be inserting berries, pods, and flowers next that will fill in the holes.

Inserting Greens

 Step 5  Place Flowers, Pods, Berries

Finished Greening

After you finish greening your wreath, the fun begins! Use your imagination and insert berries, pods, and fresh cut flowers directly into the oasis, and attaching picks to the cones and fruit.  Just keep in mind that anything that needs to drink water insert directly into the water-logged oasis. Later, you can change the flowers out as needed and transform the whole color combination without disturbing the base.

Step 6 Finishing Touches 

Berries in Wreath

Once completed, your wreath is ready to be placed on your holiday table.  You can place the wreath on top of a sturdy candlestick to raise it up off the table and make it more dramatic.  I like to place a hurricane globe in the middle to burn a candle or place individual tapers around the wreath to make it more like an advent wreath.

Plate on Candlestick

Remember to stick your finger into the oasis to see if it is still moist so that all the plant material stays fresh. With proper care, you can keep it looking fresh for weeks through Christmas! These wreaths are great for the winter holidays as well as spring time.  For Easter, you could do one in ferny greens and add eggs and pastel flowers, like lilies, tulips, daffodils, and roses.

Completed Wreath

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