Garden Lady Scarecrow

Halloween is scarecrow making time and I had the opportunity to create one with some friends and enter into Ladew Gardens ‘Garden Glow’.  Our Monkton Garden Club had unlimited space to work with, but we had to make sure it looked good both in the daytime and nighttime.

Looking over our space and gathering our supplies

Lighting was accomplished with many strings of tiny white fairy lights on a timer that you can set to go on for 6 hours and off for 18-perfect timing for the evening!

Tiny white lights were arranged all over our scarecrow- even in the wine glass; photo from Darlene Wells

My first stop was to gather gardening clothing. Salvation Army was the mother lode source for a plaid shirt, denim coveralls, and green gardening boots. While there, I noticed the all body romper suits for infants and snatched one of those up for the baby scarecrow. Gardening gloves for the mommy scarecrow completed her getup and fake pumpkins for the baby and mommy heads finished it off. The Styrofoam fake pumpkins are light weight and easy to impale on a stake for the head.

For stuffing, we used light weight plastic grocery bags and bubble wrap instead of straw to keep it from soaking up any rain.

The scarecrow was put together at my house and then we transported it to Ladew to set up the whole vignette. A trellis, pumpkins, crates, snake gourd, flower arrangement, butterfly lights, shovel, and a watering can completed the garden lady scene. My friend Darlene, carved 2 awesome jack-o-lanterns that were set up at the base of the hay bale.

Clothing laid out on a straw bale; the stake that the scarecrow will be built is stuck into the straw bale
Darlene is starting to build the body
The body was stuffed with bubble wrap and recycled plastic bags
Taping a wire hanger to the stake formed the shoulders

We impaled the Styrofoam head on the stake and knotted raffia and glued it on top of the head for a bouffant hair-do!
After gluing the hat on the head, Darlene painted a beautiful face; we attached stuffed garden gloves for the hands, and glued a wine glass to the hand
Working on the baby and adding lights
Monica adding lights to the raffia hair
An over-sized sunflower decorated her hat
Lighted butterflies on the flower basket; photo from Darlene Wells
We added some scary carved pumpkins at the base; photo from Darlene Wells
We draped a snake gourd on the trellis behind the scarecrow
Darlene adding some features to the snake gourd
Fireside basket complete with hairy balls  and seasonal flowers from my garden finished off the scene

Scarecrow on Duty-The Fun of Creating a ‘Scarey’ Scarecrow

Scarecrow made out of found objects
Scarecrow made out of found objects

Scarecrows are fun to create from found materials in all shapes, sizes, and materials! Fabricated from a left over metal trash can and dryer vent pipe, and sheet metal findings from a house installation, my scarecrow was a fixture in my garden. When a recent blog posting of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society announcing a scarecrow contest hit my computer, I was all over it! I gussied up my 5-year-old scarecrow a little, adding a blue watering can, and pulled a wiry red wig out of the trash can (my daughter is into costuming), and added their insignia (PHS harvest festival) to the front of my scarecrow.  She was ready for primetime and I clicked a few ‘posed’ pictures of her. A week later,  I received word that my ‘garden goddess’ won the contest and was happy for her!

My scarecrow in dressed down mode
My scarecrow in dressed down mode
Creative stuffed scarecrow
Creative stuffed scarecrow

If you ever get a chance to go the family friendly PHS Harvest Festival held every fall, the event is fantastic. I have judged the veggie displays in the past and the displays have been over the top with the varieties and colors. Their blog is On the PHS blog, you can see pictures of the competition of “Garden Giants”, larger than life vegetables, and “Garden Bounty”, showcasing generous displays from local gardens.

The PHS is a great organization that puts on the incredible Philadelphia Flower Show every spring, that if you have never been, will knock your socks off. If you want more information about this wonderful society, go to to check out their list of event and happenings.

The basket below is from my recently judged fair closer to home at the Hereford Farm Fair. This fair is for entries from people 18 and under. Quite impressive!

A basket of veggies that won first prize at the Hereford Farm Fair
A basket of veggies that won first prize at the Hereford Farm Fair