Killer Compost

All gardeners should be aware that herbicides residues can persist and end up in the compost that they make or buy. Avoid disastrous plant results by checking out where your compost ingredients come from.

Bee Packages are Here!

Catching Up My two Italian bee packages arrived in MD this weekend and I am very excited. First promised in April, a cold and wet spring in Georgia held up the delivery for an unprecedented two long months. By this time of year, the packages should have been installed, the bees settled in and raising brood, plus storing honey for …

The Great Sunflower Project – The Backyard Bee Count

The Great Bee Count Within the past couple of years, you might have heard that bees are in trouble, growing scarcer, and suffering from a mysterious ailment called Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD. A variety of culprits have been fingered in causing this syndrome, including pesticide use, parasites, and diseases. To study bees, scientists decided …

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