2020-A Great Gardening Year

Hearing from everyone how awful this year has been- I agree! Until I remember everything good that came from the garden. If you don't have a garden, I commiserate. Gardening has kept me sane and quite busy this year. January I recycled my Christmas tree for the birds. Try that this year instead of setting …

Growing Heirlooms – Old Fashioned Annuals That Rock!!

With all the new intros of flowers, people forget the old-fashioned flowers that our grandmothers grew and enjoyed. 'Flowers with a past', or 'flowers with history' intrigue me even in the face of the preference of perennials in recent years. So many people when they hear that a plant is an annual turn up their …

The Worst Garden Trends

There are some garden practices that should be outlawed, like zealous pruning, excessive mulching, and planting of Bradford Pear trees. There are others that are just silly, like dealing with garden snobs, or frustrating, the decline of honeybees. But the worst yet, is the rollout of new plant varieties that cost you a small fortune, and then promptly die.

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