12 Steps for a Spring Jump-Start

Splitting up a hosta plant

The grass is starting to green up and bulbs are peeking through the soil and spring is around the corner. Gardening chores come fast and furious once warm weather hits and sometimes you don’t have time to fit all the tasks in. To jump-start your gardening year, you can hit the ground running early to …

Killer Compost

All gardeners should be aware that herbicides residues can persist and end up in the compost that they make or buy. Avoid disastrous plant results by checking out where your compost ingredients come from.

Here’s the Dirt on Composting

Composting Options Every serious and not no serious gardener should make room for either an open compost pile or enclosed contained composter in their backyard, patio, or balcony. Composting is a sustainable and environmental method way of gardening that is becoming more of a lifestyle choice. I keep a green enclosed plastic container with a charcoal filter on top, underneath my sink. When …