Springtime Garden Wreath

Need a pick me up? Something to celebrate spring? Try your hand at a garden wreath to brighten up your home.

Completed wreath, ready for hanging

Wreaths for springtime don’t have to be just a grapevine wreath. I am amazed at what you can do with old garden hoses! An old hose of any color coiled up into a wreath shape makes a great base for gardening paraphernalia that you might have laying around. You need a piece of about 25 to 30 feet in length.

Coil up your garden hose and fasten with bark wire

Take a piece of hose including the nozzle end and roll it into a wreath shape, a size that will fit on your door.  Fasten it securely together with bark wire – a wire with a covering to look like bark. I get this at a local craft store. Wind the ends around a pencil to mimic grapevine tendrils.

Wind the hose up and fasten with bark wire
Wind the hose up and fasten with bark wire

Then start adding your accessories. I used a trowel, gardening gloves, a watering can, flower pot, and some swatches of burlap.  Attach firmly using the bark wire. I also made a loop on the back for hanging.

Add gardening paraphernalia
Add gardening paraphernalia

I finished it off with some burlap ribbon and wound some of the bark wire around the entire wreath. You are done! This will last for years.

Here is a different take with some chicken wire ribbon, butterflies, and polka dot ribbon.

This would also be fun using different colors of hoses, like yellow.

A friend sent me a picture of her interpretation of a garden wreath- wonderful!

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