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It’s that time of year again, where I review my most viewed posts from all over the world and I was surprised at some of the posts that were at the top of the heap. The top ten countries that view my blog in descending order are the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, India, Germany, France, South Africa, Brazil, and New Zealand. I am always amazed at this! India is near the top and reading my blog in great numbers? And Australia and New Zealand are reading too! That just goes to show you that gardening topics are a universal theme.

Gardening is a universal theme
Gardening is a universal theme

I have about 5,000+ followers that receive regular emails when I post and my average viewings per day is around 250 to 300 readers. And for the year, I ran around 100,000 visits or page views.

For 2019, I gathered the most popular posts for the year, some of which are older and are continuously viewed from years ago, but others that are new. I work on some posts a year in advance. For instance, I am working on Christmas ones for next year. And I am working on a book with all new projects for Fall and Christmas. I also published a magazine article in The American Gardener magazine.

So, here are my top ten posts from 2019;

Top 10 

Planted container in an old bundt pan
Planted container in an old bundt pan

1-Containers With Pizzazz

This is a golden oldie. Container plantings are one of my favorite things to put together, not just in spring, but all year long. Most people do their containers in the spring and are done! But I am coming up with ideas all year long. And with the recent addition of a greenhouse in my backyard, I am going coming up with lots of new plants. Seasonal, and non-traditional containers are my specialty. Also, I have added to my toolkit-porch pots. These are simply containers that have finished their cycle of life and they are recycled with cut branches for the fall and winter season. For foraged porch pot posts, go to Foraged Outdoor Arrangements.

Fall porch pot with hairy balls milkweed

Seasonal Porch Pot
Shade container
Shade container
An easy but dramatic shade container
An easy but dramatic shade container

2-Christmas at Winterthur

Dried flower tree at Winterthur
Dried flower tree at Winterthur, picture by Amy Sparwasser

Winterthur in Wilmington, Delaware, has a tradition going back to 1986, of decorating a large tree with dried flowers. And the dried flowers aren’t your grandmother’s musty dusty dried arrangements that dotted the home. These are air dried and silica gel dried (think of those little packets that come with new purchases) to retain their jewel like tones that almost seem fresh. I made my own miniature dried flower tree that I will post about next season in time for the Christmas season.

Miniature dried flower tree
Miniature dried flower tree

3-Bird Seed Ornaments for the Bird Lover

This one was a surprise. There are a lot of bird watchers out there and there must be some super hungry birds that are getting a smorgasbord of home made treats. Easy to put together for anyone, these make great gifts for your bird loving friends.

Bird seed ornaments come in all shapes and sizes
Bird seed ornaments come in all shapes and sizes
Great gifts for the bird lover on your list
Great gifts for the bird lover on your list

4-Delaware Botanic Gardens Unveiling

Meadow at Delaware Botanic Gardens
Meadow at Delaware Botanic Garden at Pepper Creek, photo by Ruth Rogers Clausen

It’s official!! If this isn’t on your radar, you need to visit this world class garden taking shape in Dagsboro, Delaware- on my doorstep! Designed by internationally known Dutch designer, Piet Oudolf (think High Line), it has been in the making for some years and has finally opened.  I have written three blogs on the status and making of this great garden and it finally opened the Garden Gates!

Meadow at DBG, photo by Amy Sparwasser
Left to right: Raymond J. Sandler, President of DBG, Piet Oudolf, and Sheryl Swed, Executive Director of DBG, photo by Ray Bojarski
Left to right: Raymond J. Sandler, President of DBG, Piet Oudolf, and Sheryl Swed, Executive Director of DBG, photo by Ray Bojarski

5-English Vs. American Gardens

I was driven to write this after returning from one of my recent garden tours to England. Attending the Hampton Court Flower Show, Chelsea Flower Show, and many UK gardens, both private and public, there are definite differences between American gardening and English gardening. Read it and check it out. Also, you can go on one of my tours by looking my itineraries for trips. 

Portugal is happening in March 2020 and is full, but Ireland in September of 2020 is still open.

Thyme patio at Sissinghurst, picture by Amy Sparwasser
Hampton Court Flower Show
Sissinghurst’s hop-kilns
My recent group of garden tour friends at Great Dixter

6-“Hairy Balls” -A Different Kind of Milkweed

Monarch caterpillars cover the Balloon Plant or Hairy Balls  Milkweed

A plant oddity that takes people by surprise when they see it growing in my garden. Having grown it for years, I am tickled when people exclaim over it.  Easy to grow and attractive to Monarch caterpillars, this is a fixture in my garden.

Hairy Balls are fun to arrange with
Hairy Balls are fun to arrange with

7-Pesticide Free Nurseries and Seed Companies

Newly updated, this is a must-read for savvy, organic gardeners concerned with the environment.

There is a real interest and need for sourcing of pesticide free nurseries and seed companies. Posting this information brought in a lot of comments and appreciation from gardeners who strive to garden organically as much as possible.

8-For the Love of Holly-McLean Nursery

Lots and lots of people read this one about a little known independent nursery that is doing great things with holly and Christmas decorating.

Marion designed this beauty
Weighing up some Winter Gold berries

9-Turf Alternatives

This post was a surprise also. But I don’t know why, as I am often asked as a landscape designer to provide alternatives to water and fertilizer hogging turf grass.

Creeping thyme is very steppable
Mazus underplanted by a bench
Kill turf with black plastic or newspaper covered with soil or mulch
Meadow around my beehives

10-Customize Your Garden With Heirlooms

Yes, everyone is doing it! Planting heirloom veggies and annuals is a ‘thing’. There are so many to pick from and try. I still have a list a mile long to try.

Variety of heirloom peppers
Beautiful heirloom tomato
Corn Cockle or Agrostemma is an heirloom that I will be starting this spring
Porcelain Doll Pumpkin is a beauty


Thanks to all my readers out there, where ever you are, and have a great New Year!

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  1. Thanks for all your wonderful posts! Inspiring, creative, informatve. Loved your ideas on containers, and your Halloween garden lady was awesome!

  2. Your top 10 posts are very interesting and I remember them well. Thanks for doing this blog. Always look forward to the next post.

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