Old Hose-New Life

Hoses last a few years and then wear out, leaving you with pinhole leaks, wasted water, and wet feet.  When it is time to retire my hose, I think of ways to up cycle it. I never throw them away! The more varied the colors you have the better. Here are some ideas to use those old hoses that won’t be filling up the landfill.

Colorful hose mats make great rugs for a patio
Colorful hose mats make great rugs for a patio; they are even used for the table topper-seen at the Philadelphia Flower Show


Closeup of the mats which are simply coiled up old hoses; these are glued on top of a rubber mat base
Upcycled table made with an old tire
Up cycled table made with an old tire
Just bend and glue the old hose length onto the mat
Just bend and glue the old hose length onto the mat

Mat How-To 

Starting with an old door mat- again don’t throw them away!- I cut the hose into lengths and used E6000, an industrial strength adhesive to glue them on top of the mat. Available on Amazon or Wal Mart this adhesive is totally waterproof and my mat has lasted since 2013 in the outdoors with none of the hoses breaking free. Tough and durable, this look gives a retro feel to the outdoors.

Simple hose mat lasts forever

For another take on hose mats- this time using zip ties- go to Flea Market Gardening. 

And for more picture ideas, go to Old Hose-New Life on Pinterest.

Door Wreath

For a fresh look to a door wreath, try using hoses as a base instead of a grapevine wreath. Simply wind the hose around and fasten it together with bind wire the size that you want and you are ready to decorate. Wiring the tools onto the wreath with bind wire (paper covered wire) securely fastens everything together.

Start with a length of hose and wire it together and you are ready to decorate
Using colorful tools everything is wired firmly onto the base
Another spring gardening wreath


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  1. These are great. I live in southern NJ and thought I might go to the Flower Show, but never made it. The year before I went and as always found the crowds hard to push through. I like the hoses reused. Last year one of my favorite displays was also a reuse…fruit rinds and seeds made into stunning jewelry.

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