Seasonal Fall Miniature Gardens


With the changing of the seasons, I like to update my miniature gardens to reflect the fall season, just like I decorate my house for Fall. Go to Springtime Miniature Gardens to see how my spring creations come together. For Christmas mini gardens, go to Miniature Gardens in the Winter and Miniature Christmas Garden Craze.

Start with a wide shallow planter with drainage holes and fill with potting medium

The Fall days are cooler and the leaves are starting to fall and that is the only excuse I need to unearth my tiny pumpkins and hay bales, scarecrows, and gourds.

After filling up the container with soil, firm it into the bowl and plant about 5-7 small houseplants
Place your minis in the bowl, and mist the entire planter until thoroughly watered
Same planter, but I removed the fence and added a ceramic house and flat stones in front
Totally different set up with a natural mushroom house, and a stepping stone pathway

I liked this iteration the best with the hand-made scarecrow

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