Silvery Beauty-Silver Falls Trailer


Silver Falls is a great trailer for containers

Silver Falls, Dichondra argentea, has been in the gardening world for a while now but I don’t find that gardeners use it very often. Too bad! This plant makes an easy to grow spiller/trailer out of containers and a great low ground cover. An annual native to northern Mexico, Arizona, and western Texas, it thrives in hot dry conditions. A Proven Winner plant, I buy at least a flat of it in the spring for my containers.


Here are some quick facts about this great plant:


  • Vigorous, fan-shaped silver foliage on silver stems; very heat and drought tolerant
  • Cascading plant that works in containers and looks good on stone walls
  • Grows 2-6 inches high, space in the garden 18-24 inches apart
  • Needs part sun to sun
  • Hardy to 20 degrees
  • Ideal for containers, hanging baskets, and ground covers
  • Works well with Creeping Jenny trailer
  • Hardy to zone 8 or 9

    Silver Falls planted in a free standing table container with Creeping Jenny in partial shade
Dichondra, Silver Falls
Silver Falls seen at Longwood Gardens

Definitely not deer proof but deer don’t prefer it. They only eat Silver Falls if there is nothing else tastier on the menu. Also, if you get it going so it has some size to it, deer tend to leave it alone. Get it through the juvenile and tender stage, and deer will browse on something else.

Cold tolerant, Silver Falls can last through some winters; here it is seen in a container at the end of November
Because of the small scale of the trailer, Silver Falls is useful for miniature gardens

My Silver Falls dripped out of my window boxes and rooted in the ground underneath. I let it do its thing as I thought it made a great ground cover. And yes, this is a vigorous (but not invasive) plant and I welcome the speed that it drips or cascades as once really cold (below 20 degrees)weather hits, it is gone. In the mid-Atlantic region here in Maryland, that means that it lasts until January.

Ground cover Silver Falls rooted in from a window boxIn Austin, kit is hardy and forms a great, closely woven ground cover in hot sunny areas.

Ground cover in Austin Texas
Silver Falls works well trailing out of containers


Silver Falls seen at the Ripley Garden next to the Smithsonian in D.C.

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  1. Love the look! I’m going to look for it next Spring. Creeping Jenny goes well with it…
    I tend to get more lamiastrum by inadvertent rooting. Glad to know my sloppy habits will go well with Silver Falls so I can easily propagate it! 😄

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