Gold Bleeding Heart-Favorite Shade Plant

‘Gold Heart’ Bleeding Heart is a winner for shade

The old-fashioned Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis, has been a garden favorite for years. A stalwart of the shade garden, this plant just got better with the addition of golden-colored foliage and peach colored stems instead of the usual green, that lightens up a shady corner of your garden. The long, arching racemes of pink flowers adorn the plant and really do resemble a bleeding heart.  A classic plant that is deer resistant, ‘Gold Heart’ starts blooming in mid-April and lasts for at least a month. Plants often go dormant in midsummer and surrounding plants like ferns and hostas will fill in. Long-lived, reliable, and self sowing, ‘Gold Heart’ is on my top 10 list of shade perennials.

A  genus of perennials native to Asia and North America, the common name derives from the unusual heart shape of the flowers. All prefer evenly moist soil and little or no direct sun. They’re a boon to gardeners with shade and deer browsed areas.

Discovered in England, ‘Goldheart’ combines well with blue-leaved or variegated Hostas, Solomon’s Seal and  Virginia Bluebells. There are other varieties of Bleeding Heart and you should experiment with some of them.

Dicentra spectabliis ‘Alba’


Dicentra spectabilis ‘Valentine’ has vibrantly colored dangling hearts

Old fashioned Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis
Gold Heart shines in the shade, next to Virginia Bluebells
Gold Heart emerging from blue flowering Ajuga
Good Heart blooming alongside daffodils

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