Floating Hellebores

Different colors and shapes of Hellbores

If you haven’t seen my posts on growing the ultimate shade plant that is evergreen, deer proof and blooms for 4 months, go to Hellebores-Low Maintenance, Deer Resistant, Evergreen Perennials. So many beautiful varieties, doubles, singles, picotees, and ruffled with colors ranging from ruby red/wine to a wonderful creamy with rosy specks, this perennial deserves a place in everyone’s garden. Long-lived, with the clumps adding girth every year until you have a huge ring of hundreds of rose like blooms, these perennials cost a bit more initially, but will give back in spades for years to come.

Lenten Roses or Hellebores are the plant that keeps giving
One of the benefits of growing Hellebores is that they throw seed and will make seedlings
Floating the blossoms is the best way to display the blooms; If you cut the blooms and arrange them in a vase, they will wilt

Floating Hellebore blossoms is the optimum way to display their wild variations of forms and colors. I find that if I cut the blooms on a stem, they will wilt. I have tried dipping the stems in boiling water and floral preservatives, but nothing helps. So enjoy them where you can see them best…… facing right towards you! For more arrangements using bowl groupings, go to Bowl Arrangements.


Lenten Roses

‘Wedding Party’ has beautiful double flowers

One of my honeybees visiting a hellebore
Nearly black Hellebore

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