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  1. Your work is impressive, first of all!! Now, we have quite a steep slope behind our backdoor entrance, patio and a pool at end of our house. A large portion of the bank is bare. The maple tree at the top is the culprit. We have no shade that I so desire on the house level. But, I would like to rid the tree. I’m thinking a three-tiered waterfall that would not pool at the base, due to children of the 5th generation. Small shrubs, blooming perennials, and stonework would please me so much to flank the waterscape. Our house is ranch-style 76′ long. Underground garage has taken us to second level to park. We could revamp our two-car parking, to beside the patio opposite end where pool is, I’m thinking. Thereby, extending a portion of sloping scape to the patio; with roof, pergola; upgrade the seating and have shade for some plants that love shade. Previously, a problem for my efforts 42 years. Nearby is a 40′ x 40′ concrete slab for parking and along our extended drive uphill. Many possibilities here. Installing a new pool and decking currently. Just needing some assessing to get the best benefits from our space.
    I’ll be thinking more and be more specific, since your gallery has sparked further interest in completing a dream for years. I will be back in touch a bit later.
    Thank you.

    LaVon C. Walker

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