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Plant These For The Bees

Planting the proper flowers, trees, and shrubs for pollinators, but it won’t work if you use chemical controls on your property.

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Say NO to Pesticides

Planting for pollinators is very popular now, but what exactly should you plant that will attract the biggest variety of beneficial insects?

Flower Guidelines

Claire’s Pollinator Garden Plan

Here are some guidelines of how to select flowers suitable for pollinators:

An example of this: Because cultivars are selected primarily on ornamental traits, it is not always clear if they perform the same ecological role as the native plant species.  In many cases they do not.  Echinacea is a case in point. Crazy bizarre shapes and colors of Echinacea are coming on the market.  These Echinacea cultivars are sometimes sterile (bad news for birds, who want the seed) and often have a “doubled” flower form (bad news for pollinators, who can’t reach the pollen and nectar).

Double coneflower
Colors that attract pollinators, planted in clumps
Plant in large clumps of at least 4’x4′
Bee in hellebore flower
Single dahlia and double dahlia
Provide sources of water

For local lists for your area, go to As a long time gardener, I have noticed which plants bees zero in on and I have planted these every year because of the benefits that bees brings to my garden.

Agastache is one of the most important flowers for native bees in late summer

 Twenty-five Common Garden Plants that Attract Pollinators
Common name Type or Use
Abelia Perennial Shrub
Anise Hyssop Perennial Herb
Aster (many varieties) Perennial Flower
Basil Annual Herb
Black-eyed Susan Both Perennial- and Annual- Type Flowers
Butterfly Bush Perennial Shrub
Calendula Annual Herb
Chives and Garlic Perennial Herb
Cosmos Annual Flower
Dill and Fennel Annual Herb
Egyptian Starflower Annual (Perennial in Coastal Georgia)
Goldenrod Perennial Flower
Impatiens Annual Flower
Lantana Perennial Shrub in Coastal Georgia
Marigold (single-flowered types are best) Annual Flower
Mexican Sunflower, or Tithonia Annual Flower
Milkweed Perennial Flower
Mint Perennial Herb
Oregano Perennial Herb
Petunia Annual Flower
Salvia Both Annual and Perennial Types
Sunflower (multi-flowered types) Annual Flower
Thyme Perennial Herb
Verbena Both Perennial- and Annual- Type Flowers