Succulent Terrariums-Bring the Beach In

Succulent Beach Terrarium
Succulent Beach Terrarium

If you crave the seaside atmosphere in the middle of winter, create a beach scene in miniature! Succulents are some of the easiest plants in the universe to grow and anyone can put this together to brighten up the dark days of winter.

Here is your supply list:

Clear glass container

Horticultural charcoal (not essential, but suggested)

Horticultural charcoal
Horticultural charcoal

Aquarium gravel

Cactus potting soil-This has better drainage than regular potting soil

2  small succulents

Play sand

Popsicle sticks for fence

Smooth stones for steppers (3)

Small shells

Blue colored decorative rocks for water

Tiny pieces of reindeer moss for seaweed

Miniatures ( I used a small Adirondack chair from Dept 56, wine bottles, wine and cheese tray)

Soft paint brush for brushing sand off succulents

Long tweezers to place accessories

Beach terrarium tutorial
Beach terrarium tutorial

  • Select a good-sized container, I used one 12″ x 8″, with straight sides
  • Lay a 1 inch layer of gravel
  • Mix in a handful of charcoal; this keeps the soil from turning smelly
  • Add about 2 inches of cactus soil, making hills and valleys to give the scene more interest
  • Plant the two succulents, watering lightly
  • Add a top layer of sand to cover soil
  • Brush off any sand with the soft paint brush, watering lightly again
  • Place and press into the sand the three smooth rocks
  • Add decorative blue rocks for water; I used crushed up and dyed mother of pearl
  • Add the rest of your accessories; break popsicle sticks and stick in the sand for a fence, add your miniatures, using the tweezers

    Using tweezers to place minis in beach terrarium
    Using tweezers to place minis in beach terrarium
  • Add tiny seashells and tiny tendrils of moss for seaweed to the water area
  • Set in a sunny window and enjoy!
Another Succulent terrarium
Another Succulent terrarium

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  1. I love this idea. I’m sort of fumble fingered, but I think this is something I could make. I’d love to vote for you but the link sends me to a nomination page. Just thought you should know…

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