Succulent Creations

Succulent wreath
Succulent wreath

Succulents are so popular now, that you see them everywhere, where you would least expect it. I have bought some of my best ones from Wall Mart and Home Depot! They are inexpensive and easy to care for, so are the perfect candidate to make your own living wreath, which at a florist would set you back by at least $100. The material cost for this wreath was around $45.00.

 Succulents come in a huge variety of shapes and colors
Succulents come in a huge variety of shapes and colors

Step By Step

  • Gather your materials-potting soil, wire wreath ( I used a large 18″), liner, sphagnum moss, and lots of small succulents with a variety of colors and textures
  • Place the frame on a large flat surface and line it with the fibrous lining
  • Fill the frame with potting soil, pressing down to firm the soil
  • Plant the succulents, starting with the large succulents first, filling in with smaller ones
  • Repeat the varieties all around the wreath, I used about 6 or 7 varieties
  • Don’t fill in the entire surface, as you want the succulents to have room to grow
  • Stuff handfuls of sphagnum moss in between the succulents covering the wire wreath frame
  • Water the succulents until the wreath is saturated with a fine spray, so that you don’t disturb the plantings
  • DIY succulent wreath
    DIY succulent wreath


I keep my wreath outside in full sun in the summer, and place it on a tray in a sunny window in the winter. Water more sparingly in the winter, letting it dry out between watering.

Marion from Mullan Nursery making a wreath
Marion from Mullan Nursery making a wreath

Go Simple

Simple is good. Try using one variety for a handsome wreath.

Succulent wreath from Rebecca Sweet's garden
Succulent wreath from Rebecca Sweet’s garden


Other Shapes

There are countless ways to use succulents. Go to to see my sphere planter.

Sphere planter
Sphere planter
Succulent Garden
Succulent Garden

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