Bear Update in Vermont

Bear climbing up deck to get to beehive

Bears are on the rampage in Vermont! My brother-in-law had a recent bear incident where a black bear knocked over a hive in a nearby field. He came back for more, but much closer to the house. He obviously has no fear and looks like he is on a mission. Here are a few pictures of the bear in action.

Almost there.
The damage

The bees were very angry! But the hive was set back up and hopefully the queen wasn’t damaged.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect hives from bears?  What have you done that is successful?

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  1. Oh…you’ve captured in your blog with pictures and words my greatest fear!!! We have placed an electric fence angled at forty-five degrees around the area near our bees along with a snow-fence. We saw a bear skat last year, but so far, we’ve been lucky — no bears attacking our hives.

    I’ve heard there is not always a “preventive” measure to protect your bees from bears. I am so sorry to hear about your hive and the bear intrusion. Good luck on your efforts to prevent the bears from returning. I’ll send good vibes your way!

    On a more happy note: I have nominated you for the “Sunshine Award!” Congratulations!!! (See my blog for details).
    Honey Cheers! HQ

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